Is it all about the Cosmos?

One of my favorite questions I have ever posed to a group while giving a farm tour surrounded by flowers is this.......

What if we have come from the cosmos, to plant cosmos?

Cosmos Bipinnatus may be my favorite flower. They seem to be one of the most magical things I can create on this earth. These are the flowers I dream of standing beside, being surrounded by, Immersed in. The epitome of magic through flowers to me. My mother and Obasan always grew these flowers, and they would reseed themselves in beloved pockets of the garden.

Cosmos become a legacy plant in soil that is tended with love.

I am always conspiring to plant these tall beautiful flowers. For experiences such as this, when humans can be eye to eye with the cosmos. Few flowers rival the cosmos in their ability to create such a dramatic visual statement from a seed placed into the earth. "Cosmos," is the Greek word for harmony or ordered universe. Imagine lawns being replaced with there ethereal flowers filled gardens....

What if we have come from the cosmos, to plant cosmos?

A bit of my philosophy:

It is my belief that we are cosmic energy having an earthly experience in service somehow to that cosmic energy that were from. Quite literally using our earthly inheritance and potential to somehow create flowers or some other gift that serves life before we return home.

I trust that I serve life through planting flowers.

Maybe life is that simple?

“We are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe atomically.” ― Neil deGrasse Tyson

Cosmos are incredibly are easy to grow!

It is easy to start Cosmos seeds inside, or even to simply direct seed them into loose weed free soil after the last frost date.

A flower filled world is a few easy actions away from being realized.

They thrive in hot, sunny locations!

They feed the bees!

Improve the Soil!

Inspire Humans.

Create beauty.

Beg to be planted.

Seed is almost free!

I will ask again.

What if we have come from the cosmos, to plant cosmos?

To create beautiful order in the universe?

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