How tall is your Kale?

​​I love stripping Kale, although that may seem out of context...

I love growing Kale.

Stripping it of its tough stems.

Chopping it fine.

Cooking it in delicious fats.





On and on.

Kale is a beautiful and healthy plant that could grace every human's garden. I loved kale before it became popular and after it became cliche. It is said that these ancient brassicas grew in Greece, and originally came from Asia. It was bred from the ancient mustard plant to be a staple food for humans. Kale is the type of plant that is as resilient as the human species. Surviving cold, heat, peace and war. It becomes it's best after a frost!!

My purpose of speaking of kale today is in the experience of living, growing and eating this humble proletariat plant. I have grown Kale every year for 15 years. In gardens, on farms, as sustenance, and also for beauty. I have grown kale taller than my short stature of 5'6"! I have grown the tender red Russian, the heirloom Italian Lactinato kale, and my favorite the beautiful and crispy Rainbow kale!

From urban balconies, community gardens to broad acre spreads there is a place for kale in this world. The amazing thing beyond Kale is that you can keep picking it as it will keep growing tall, even after it gets cold! I dream of a world where we compete to see who can grow the tallest Kale plant in the community! The more we pick it, the taller it grows! This is a short video I made at Growing Heart farm outlining the cultivation of kale and the joy of Stripping it!

I would love to help you grow some tall kale! Let's get growing!

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