My name is Sean, I am a Gardener.

It is in the face of great resistance and therefore growth that I present myself to you and proudly declare my reason to be and how I came to find my place in this life. My name is Sean and it seems I came to this planet to preach the gospel of gardening as potentially the most positive human activity. I am a farmer, gardener, educator, ecological landscape designer and yogi, who loves to build gardens and farms from the soil up. More honestly, gardening for me serves as my ultimate form of service in a life where I need to feel connected. To have purpose. In my best and worst moments, I never forget my mantra, "How may I save the flowers?" My best expression comes through this focus.

This is the short story of how I came to be this person:

It all began in Geneva, NY where I was born. I spent my early years in Finger lakes farm country and my first babysitter was a Mennonite farm family. While I do not have many memories of this time, I am sure I was imprinted with the principles and microbes of life lived close to the earth.

The greatest source of my passion for growing flowers and food while creating smiles and nurturing life began in my Okinawan grandmother’s garden. My best memories are of the joy gardening brought to my mother and grandmother. When I was tasked with finding a career after high school I soon remembered this joy and began my path as a gardener. From landscaping in Seattle, growing flowers in greenhouses, farming by the ocean, beautifying parks in Philadelphia and many places in between, I have explored this life lived close to the earth, in close relationships with the plants and people of this beautiful planet. Always striving to create a landscape of health. Over the years I watched the fields and gardens of my youth become feedlots for big agriculture. Lawns grew, and in many ways I am inspired by a feeling of paradise lost. This is why I am blessed with ecological landscape creation, regenerative farming, and the revolutionary practice of gardening.

I studied horticulture and ecology at UMASS Amherst prior to attending the Conway School of Landscape design where I earned a Master’s degree with a focus on permaculture and

ecological landscape design.

Like the gardens I tend, I introduced new forms into my life that have helped me find balance as I continue to grow and evolve. I wanted to find a practice that kept me as healthy as the gardens I was creating. Yoga served this purpose.

In 2004, I formally began my movement practice with yoga as the pain from scoliosis became visible. With more than 1000 hours of practice and study I can solidly say that I am curing my scoliosis and feel as if I could Garden till an old age. During this exploration and conversation between spirit, mind and body, I earned my teaching certification from Simon Park of Liquid Flow Yoga, and studied with dozens of teachers. I must say my favorite style has become Katonah Yoga designed by my teacher Nevine Michaan. .

Combining my love of gardening with my belief in the healing power of movement, I created Farming Yogi to help others reconnect with nature and themselves.

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