Let's Get MOVING

Movement Classes, Garden Coaching & Landscape Design

Farming Yogi creates experiences for you by reconnecting us to the earth and ourselves. Start by moving to experience yourself and your surroundings. Expand your movement by connecting and developing your awareness. Find your balance with understanding and rooting within your grounded center.

Move - Connect - Center

  • Stretch the body

  • Deepen the breath

  • Clear the mind

  • Feel nature beneath your feet

  • Plant seeds and watch life blossom

  • Feel present in the moment


Farming Yogi offers garden coaching and landscape design services to share the joy of connecting with nature while cultivating pleasing visual and edible gardens of all sizes and shapes. Together, we create beautiful and abundant ecosystems.


Combining the best of movement and gardening, Farming Yogi offers kids a purposeful movement experience rooted in yoga that cultivates laughter and play.


Farming Yogi offers movement classes, in-person and on-line, rooted in Yoga and Simple Stretching for improving health and function in day-to-day activities.


Available to inspire, inform and empower all manor of landscape design projects from small to grand in scale.


Services including goal articulation, design & project management, and installation.